About Us

History of Achievements of the P.V.A. Australia Inc.

For more than a decade the National Association and our state branches in NSW/ACT/NT, QLD, WA, SA, VIC. and TAS. have lobbied the Government of the day to increase the welfare and support of partners and families of Veterans at a National, State and Local level.

Achievements of the Association - 

P.V.A. Australia Inc has:-

• Earned recognition and acceptance within the Ex-Service Community.
• Lobbied for the Bereavement Payment to be calculated at the rate the veteran was in receipt of at the time of his/her death.
• Fought for Indexation of the Income Support Supplement (ISS) paid to eligible War Widows/Widowers.
• Pursued the government to remove the age limit for War Widows/Widowers to apply for the Income Support Supplement (ISS)
• Convinced the Government to remove the age limit on eligibility of children of Vietnam Veterans to receive counselling from the Veterans and Veterans Family Counselling Service (VVCS).
• Supported the provision of child care for participants at VVCS Residential Lifestyle Courses.
• Compiled and distributed a Children's health questionnaire which assisted the call for a full study on the health of the children of Vietnam Veterans. • Been instrumental in securing the additional Carer Bonus for carers of Veterans.
• Advocated with Family and Community Services to clarify and rectify problems members were encountering with the Carers Allowance Application Form. 
• Been investigating the deteriorating health of partners and/or carers of veterans via our national health committee.
• A representative on the Vietnam Veterans Family Study (VVFS) Consultative Forum. o A member representative on the Vietnam Veterans Family Study (VVFS). o Been involved on the Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Study (COVVHS).
• Along with other Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) lobbied for the recognition of the health issues of Aircraft Personnel in relation to the Re-seal, De-seal of the F1-11s.
• Been the catalyst for the production and distribution of a brochure highlighting awareness of the Strongyloides parasite.

We’re working on:-
• Advocating for improvement in the amount of Funeral Benefit paid to eligible recipients under the Veterans Entitlement Act (VEA).
• Monitoring the government’s Vietnam Veterans Family Study.
• Proposing that the age for all children of veterans with eligibility for counselling VVCS be open.
• Lobbying for currently separated/divorced partners to receive counselling for an unlimited period.