N.S.W. was the founding state of the Association and from this beginning P.V.A. Australia Inc. was incorporated in 2003. South Australia became Incorporated in March 2004

About Us

We are glad that you have spared a few minutes of your time to check out the S.A. website.

Although we are centred in Adelaide suburbs, there are members located in different areas of South Australia.

Throughout the state there are a number of Coffee and Chat groups. These are discussed further along.

Over the past few years P.V.A. SA has organised a number of bus trips from Adelaide for example to Clare, The Riverland, Gawler, and other areas as well.

The aim of the bus trips is for the “city” members to meet with their country members. These are always enjoyable times as we usually have lunch together, then find out where the best OP-Shops are, or just looking around the various towns.

We know the problems encountered by many of us, and again we are there to support you.

We understand each other, and are there for each other.

This is who we are. State Wide - Nation Wide.

S.A. Vision

A community where all partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their allies, and their families, are recognised, and that their well-being is vital in achieving healthy members of society.

S.A. Mission

As the State body, voice and focus for all partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their allies, and their families, we are committed to providing every support and assistance for their welfare, health and special needs. This is achieved by our key role of providing leadership and advocacy for health and welfare, promoting strategies, policy and program development that assists partners and their dependants and descendants.

Who can be a member

P.V.A. SA welcomes partners, ex-partners and/or widows/widowers of all current and former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their Allies.

Non-members are welcome to attend meetings and local support groups and are encouraged to become a member of P.V.A. SA Inc.

The benefits of joining a Support Group:

S.A. Inc. members receive a quarterly news magazine 'P.V.A. News' from National and regular issues of the state newsletter.

The more members, the bigger the voice the more pull our National Team can take with them, when they go to Canberra.


If you are interested in becoming a member, click on MEMBERSHIP and this will divert/link to a central page in the National Section where the membership form can be downloaded.

For current members a Renewal form is sent with the June issue of P.V.A. Newson the back of the mailing sheet.

In Unity.