About Tasmania Branch

On June 8th 2012 The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia - Tasmania Branch became incorporated. Previously Tasmania was a Sub Branch of Victoria. We became independent after two groups of women attended VVCS Courses for partners and continued to meet for lunch. The groups still wanted more contact so meeting for a walk every Wednesday morning at 9.30am at Risdon Brook Dam in the south of the State followed by coffee came about. Word got out and the group continued to grow.

When P.V.A. National planned to hold their Conference in Hobart in May 2012, it was decided  it would be a good time to launch P.V.A. Tasmania Branch. A meeting was held at the Lindisfarne RSL and an Interim Committee was formed to take Tasmania P.V.A. forward.   Tasmania Branch Inc. continued to grow in membership. During the first year of operation a Strategic Plan and policies were developed.

Tasmania can now look to the future:- To further increase our membership state wide and focus on recruiting partners of younger veterans.  To support our members state wide, in their health and well being, focusing on networking and linking members to one another. To continue to have representation on Government Forums with other ESOs and the P.V.A. National Board.