About Us

A brief history of the P.V.A.

The Partners of Veterans Association was established as the result of common needs. A number of organised but unaffiliated partner groups from Wauchope, Sydney, Central Coast, Maitland and Tamworth took the first steps towards unity in 1999.

Through the generosity and tireless work by members of the Central Coast group, a conference was arranged and twenty-eight ladies from these groups attended. It was at this conference on 31st August, 1999, that a steering committee was elected to oversee the incorporation of the combined groups and unite them under the banner of the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales.

The first official meeting of the Association was held at Broke NSW in November 1999 and it was at this meeting that membership applications were received from the founding members.  By May 2000 the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales was incorporated with 130 members.

At the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Partners of Veterans Association of N.S.W. Inc., the members present voted that Mrs. Lynne Cosgrove be invited to become our Patron. Mrs. Cosgrove readily accepted and has been a wonderful advocate for the P.V.A. in her many travels around the nation.

In four short years, P.V.A. grew many fold to include members from each State and Territory of Australia and saw the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales build the foundations leading to the formation of the National/parent body in 2003, with state branches in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia,/Northern Territory and Victoria and from 2012 - Tasmania, thereby furthering the goal of becoming one united, nation-wide organisation providing much needed support and assistance for the welfare, health and special needs of partners of veterans.