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The Association Poem - Rosemary Rememberance:

Rosemary Remembrance’, the official poem of The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia was written by our long-standing N.S.W Branch member Stella Conway in 2003 at the N.S.W. Annual Conference at Coffs Harbour.
Stella joined P.V.A. in its first year of membership and in 2004 gave P.V.A. Australia Inc. copyright usage for the National Association and our State branches.
     Rosemary Remembrance
 Think of Rosemary leaves
Strong and green
With little white flowers in between
Sweet and fragrant,
Always there
Behind the leaves
Strong and fair.
Then think of the mothers
The partners, the wives
Who were there for the veterans
All of their lives
Behind the scenes,
Strong and fair
Remember the women
Who were always there.    

© 2003 Stella Conway-Foulkes