About W.A. Branch

Western Australians have held continuous membership of P.V.A. Australia Inc. since 2001.

Gae Donaldson had been visiting friends in N.S.W and went along to the Annual General Meeting of P.V.A. Australia Inc . Gae brought these ideals back to W.A with her and these she shared. The South West Support Group was the first P.V.A Australia Inc. group formed in W.A.

Support groups were then established in Hillarys, Midland/Hills, Bunbury , Geraldton and via E-mail  as the conduit for P.V.A. Australia Inc. members to meet together in W.A for support, friendship, information and understanding.

P.V.A Australia Inc. members make lasting memories during their time together. The camaraderie is evidenced through both the sad and the glad times as they feel secure in their relationships as friends and members of a larger supportive family. Many have become lifelong trusted friends.

T.I.P trained volunteer welfare officers are available for assistance and support. These  people give willingly of their time and are wonderful listeners with a wealth of information and advice on services available to assist our members.

Our members give so generously of their time in the promotion of the Association as they volunteer for the roster at our state office located at Legacy House, Perth, assisting with informational displays, create amazing hand crafts and never cease to amaze us with their humour and willingness to help and support each other.

All members of the W.A. Branch management committee are also volunteers whose dedication and leadership skills have been recognised by their peers.  Plum in the mouth: you know the adage: someone’s got to do it, and very proudly and willingly, put their hands up to take their turn. Associations have liabilities by virtue of Incorporation and we never lose sight of our responsibilities towards our members as we strive to be the best welfare support service for partners of veterans in Western Australia.

Decision making is about shared ownership and we have made this commitment to our members:-

We the Committee of The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia - Western Australia Branch, are committed to working with, and for our members, by asking their views, representing their issues and providing them with both information and feedback.”

Many partners of veterans live in isolation and the P.V.A. 1300 Helpline is a very valuable resource available to them. 1300 553 835 for the cost of a local call from a land line.

We are a support service for all of Western Australia and our 1300 Helpline and our E-mail support group are available, so you never need to feel alone.

The "P.V.A News”, our National magazine, is your way of knowing you have friends around Australia and is a great way to share the comings and goings, the exciting activities and antics, of members who happen to live in other states, "your extended family". This shared history of being partners and ex-partners of Defence Force members and all that that entails is what binds our members together. There is the uniqueness of service in the military that brings with it the rewards and challenges we all deal with and continue to face.

We have a National motto of “Unity is Strength” and we welcome you warmly as we strive towards our vision:- “To be a community where all partners of past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), their allies, and their families and their wellbeing is vital in achieving healthy members of society.”

We live our motto

You are not alone and we welcome your membership with open arms.  We come in all shapes, all sizes, all ages.  Humour , shared friendship and support, sustain our wellbeing.

 Our Memorandum of Understanding

The Western Australian Branch of The Partners of Veterans Association of Australia Inc.
has a Memorandum of Understanding with Perth Legacy and War Widows’ Guild of Western Australia Inc. which has resulted in the formation of The War Widow’s Alliance (including Defence Widows)