Veterans Childrens Education Scheme (VCES)

Information About VCES

All T&PI's, War Widows and EDA's with dependent children in full time education are eligible for assistance from the Veterans Childrens Education Scheme (VCES) which is paid by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

The dependent child must be in full-time education to be eligible for VCES assistance.

If the dependent child is uder 16 years of age, the VCES allowance is paid in addition to Family Tax benefit Part A; but if he/she is 16 years or older, the education payment fom DVA is the same amount as Youth Allowance paid by Centrelink. The VCES allowance payable for children over 16 is taxable to the dependent child.

Recipients of Youth Allowance are not required to be in full time education and indeed a T&PI veteran's chid who is no longer a full-time student is not eligible to receive the VCES allowance. VCES eligibility entails other benefits such as funding for tutoring if needed.

For further information on applying for VCES assistance contact your local DVA VAN Office or phone the DVA national line on 1300131945 and ask for the VCES State Secretary