Support – Friendship – Information – Understanding

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P.V.A. QLD Inc. is committed to working with our members and to seek out those younger partners in need of our support and to improve conditions of all partners and families of defence and ex-defence personnel.
We are committed to offering support through our network of groups and local area contacts.

P.V.A. QLD Inc. has trained welfare officers who are there to provide information and help to members and the veteran and defence community.   The P.V.A. News magazine, our website and social media keep our members informed whilst endeavouring to provide more practical assistance, and promoting the issues faced by partners and families of veterans to both State and Federal Government as well as government departments.

P.V.A. QLD Inc. groups meet regularly; weekly, once or twice a month and for special occasions.  These groups offer partners of veteran’s information and support, as well as a range of activities to enjoy together. Events are organised by the local members, reflecting the individual group preferences and vary from area to area.  These may consist of: A lunch, morning or afternoon tea and chat;
• A talk from a guest speaker;
• Discussions on partners’ welfare and health issues and entitlements throughout the veteran community.
• A special event such as a dinner out or a trip to a local attraction.

For details of Sub-branches/Groups in Queensland click here.